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Hellhound Motoworks specializes in customizing V-Twin Motorcycles into impressive custom motorcycles without losing the ability to actually ride. That’s right, all of our bikes can make any road trip. We are not talking ‘show’ bikes that need to be trailered, we’re talking award winning motorcycles where you can proudly display your “I rode mine” patch.  

Hellhound is for everyday motorcycle enthusiasts that are tired of having a bike that looks like every other one out there.  We have over 10 years of experience customizing Harleys to be award winning motorcycles and most importantly, we do it at a price that is affordable. 

Ready to get started? Check out our active projects or contact us directly to transform your stock bike into a your dream bike. 

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It's probably a Harley Davidson of some kind. You should click here to view in progress photos of the bikes we are currently working on. 

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Custom Motorcycles and motorcycle service available to New Jersey, New York and surrounding areas by appointment only. 

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